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Cracking the Code of Prop Bets: Winning Big with Sports Betting’s Hidden Gems

There’s more to sports betting than simply betting on the moneyline, or who wins the game or event. A proposition bet, or a prop, is a type of side wager that includes an enticing range of options. From individual player statistics to specific plays to game events and more, prop bets are different from traditional bets that revolve purely around the game’s results.

The most popular sporting event for prop betting is the Super Bowl, but prop bets can be made on any sporting event. Across the United States, dozens of prop betting options for every single NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL game on the schedule are available from online sportsbooks. Prop bets allow you to dive deeper into different areas of the game that could prove to be a lucrative bet.

Prop bets are similar to point spreads, where oddsmakers set the betting lines with hopes of seeing equal action on both sides. Commonly displayed as over/under bets, this leads to many props having similar -110 lines at the start.

Types of Prop Bets

Player Props

Prop bets that are centered around player performance allows you to wager on specific statistical achievements of individual players. This could include predicting the number of assists, points, or rebounds a player accumulates during a game.

Game Props

Game event prop bets focus on specific occurrences during a game. This could be anything from predicting the first team to score to the number of yellow cards in a soccer match to the method of the first score (touchdown, field goal, etc.).

Team Props

There are also prop bets that revolve around team performance. These bets can be anything from the total number of goals scored by both teams, the margin of victory, or the number of three-pointers made by a team. They all revolve around team-related achievements or statistics.

Novelty Props

Novelty props are prop bets that are only available during big events like the Super Bowl. They don’t take place within the actual game. A few examples are which team wins the coin toss, what will be the color of the Gatorade thrown on the winning coach, or how long the National Anthem will be.

Consider the Factors

Research is vital when placing prop bets. Analyze relevant factors such as team or player statistics, head-to-head matchups, injuries, and more. Contextual factors may also influence the outcome of your prop bet. Things like weather conditions, team strategies, venue characteristics, and recent performance can all influence the likelihood of a specific outcome.

Focus on a specific sport or league to develop specialized knowledge that can inform your decisions and give you an edge. By becoming an “expert” in a particular sport, you can identify patterns, exploit potential market inefficiencies, and understand unique nuances.

Historical data also plays an important part in prop betting. By studying historical data and trends you can identify patterns and tendencies in team statistics, player performances, and game events.

If a player is ruled out prior to a game starting, sportsbooks will pull prop bets on these players. If this occurs, a sportsbook will void any placed bets and return the funds wagered.

Prop Bets by League

While many different types of prop bets are the same across different leagues, each league has their own type of prop bets. If it is a countable stat in fantasy sports, odds are you can probably find a prop bet for it. There are different categories of props bets- player props, game props, team props, and even league props. Check out a few of the different types of prop bets available by league below.


  • Rebounds
  • Assists
  • Steals
  • Blocks
  • Points
  • 3-pointers
  • Double-doubles
  • Triple-doubles


  • Touchdowns
  • Receptions
  • Interceptions
  • Distance of longest touchdown
  • Receiving, rushing, or passing yards


  • Team total runs
  • Player Total Hits/Runs/RBIs
  • Individual Inning Moneylines,
  • Spread, and Totals
  • Yes/No to Player to Hit a
  • Home Run
  • Pitcher Total Strikeouts


  • Team totals
  • Players shots on goals
  • Player
  • Goals/Assists/Points/Penalt
  • Minutes
  • Goalie Saves Total

State Regulations for Prop Bets
Prop bets are permitted in states that allow legal sports betting. The most important requirement is that the prop bets have to do with the actual sporting event or game. There aren’t props available for entertainment-related bets. There are no prohibitions on professional sports, but some states have restrictions on college sports.

For example, Iowa doesn’t allow you to bet props on individual college athletes where Colorado doesn’t allow prop bets on college games at all. Rhode Island and New Jersey don’t allow betting on in-state teams or college games that take place in the state. Oregon only allows for in-person betting on college games. Illinois doesn’t allow betting on in-state teams at all while New Hampshire doesn’t allow props on in-state teams. Virginia doesn’t allow any prop betting on college sports and no betting on in-state teams.

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